Adventures in Cosplay | Part One | Mad Max

I have been wanting to try to make my very first full on cosplay for awhile now. I know, I know, just do it. But here is the thing, I need to find something that will sustain my interest and challenge me.

Some things to know about me, before we get into this. I went to art school; no, not a trade art school like AI or Full Sail, full on ART SCHOOL. Maryland Institute College of Art, if you are dying to know. While I was there I did a lot of pieces that revolved around character building, soft sculpture, conceptual thinking, performance, embroidery, and experimental beauty makeups. If I lost you in all of that, I apologize, art words are hard to understand. Basically, I arted, I arted hard.


Why is this important? Well, I knew I already possessed some skill that would help me build a Cosplay Costume. So it wasn’t about picking a comic character and finding a pattern online. This was a lot more about finding something that would challenge me and sustain my interest. Mad Max: Fury Road coming roaring into my life around the time that I wanted to settle down with my first character to build out.


Valkyrie of the Many Mothers called out to me, the layered and texturally complexity of the costume was intense. It would require me to accept that it wouldn’t be a perfect replica and utilize my skills of appropriation/crafty Macgyver-ness to build it. It was my muse, and yes, yes I would build it.


So here we are Part One, Alicia builds her first cosplay. In future “parts/episodes” I will discuss why I made the choices I made, how I developed certain pieces, how I built out certain things. Furthermore, I will be brutally honest about how hard building cosplay is. Buying a costume is easy, building one is hard.



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