Adventure in Cosplay | Gun Mods and Cosplay to Make

So really, honestly, the most exciting thing that I have done thus far is pick out a list of characters I am going to build out. Yeah, really that is the most exciting part, mainly because once you start looking at things and figuring out how to make it… You start looking at everything that way. So here is the current list (in order of what will be completed):

1) Valkyrie | Mad Max: Fury Road
2) Mary Seward/Mary Queen of Blood (50’s Housewife)
3) Khaleesi
4) Modern Mask of Phantasm
5) War Girl | Mad Max: Fury Road
6) Sorceress of Castle Gray Skull
7) 1990’s Pinkie Pie
8) Elasti-Girl/Woman

I also located this awesome app, cosplanner, it puts things in perspective… really. I can’t recommend it enough! So far – collecting materials has been the most time consuming and complex thing. Building, sewing and general crafting is the exciting and challenging part.


The first piece I have that is completely done is my rifle, which I will be doing an additional how to/tips for. I did use a super cheap plastic toy rifle to do it! There is also of hand work on this too. Here it is:


More to come, I promise.



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