Budget Crafts| Review


Budget crafts is designed for those on a tight budget. This book contains some of my favorite crafts that I have made for my own home and as gifts to give to family and friends. It contains fun projects for adults and children. All of these crafts cost very little to make and I hope that this book will provide some bonding time with your friends and family, as it has with mine. Enjoy.

Of all of Rue’s books, this is the only one I could easily put down. But that’s because I need both hands to try some of the crafts she put in here. If any of you follow Rue on FB, you know she does a lot of crafting, and it was nice to see her release a book that dealt with budget crafts that anyone of any experience level can try. She includes photos and easy to follow step by step walk-throughs to help you create some cute little things. My favorite is the Popsicle stick book marks. They’re easy to make and you can make them quickly and with your family. They’re fun for gifts and holiday stocking stuffers. I love making them that I keep making them even when I have no more books to put them in. Other things she teaches you is how to make some decorative pens, hanky octopus’ and so much more. If you’re like me and you love DIY and crafting, then this book is for you!

Be sure to pick up your copy on Amazon!


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