Once Upon A Time|Season 6 Review


With the news of certain cast members not returning, it’s raised a lot of questions as to what is planned for OUAT Season 7. I think it’s important to look at the events of season 6 to look at why certain people left. Please be aware that there may be some spoilers for those that haven’t watched the show, but I will do my best to keep them to a minimum.


Episode 1: Hyde and the untold stories have come to Storybrooke and it isn’t long before they have Hyde locked up. Emma has a vision and is struggling to understand what it means while keeping things a secret, so she follows a red bird to get her answers. We also learn that Aladdin used to be a savior, long ago, and Regina is fighting with the fact that Robin died and she blames her sister, while Zalina blames Regina for ripping the evil half out of her. Rumple is in Belle’s dream and does what he can to wake her up before time runs out. Emma learns that her visions are what is to come for her, and Belle learns that she’s in a dream, tells Rumple the truth of how she feels about him and what would happen to the baby. She also learns who Morpheus truly is. Regina talks to Snow about Robin and what Snow did while Regina was her step-mother, bringing them closer together. We also see the Evil Queen return to Storybrooke. What is to come of Beauty and the Beast as well as their son? Can Emma change her future? How many happy endings will change this season? Is Robin at peace?

Kudos to the song being played in Belle’s dream while they danced. They did an amazing job at creating Beauty and the Beast in a more modern setting, while also keeping as close to the story as possible. I like the twist of having Belle’s son being the one to wake her instead of Rumple, giving a nice little twist, and possibly answers why Belle is leaving the show. Knowing that there are changes coming the next season puts a different tone on the show from the get go, both good and bad. I started watching it with an eye for little hints for what’s to come, and it does have a certain feeling of closure for everyone.

“My life was never just one story; it was many stories.” -Regina Mills


Episode 2: The Evil Queen promises Zalina a sister that is like her, and in turn will teach Regina that she can’t be rid of her evil side. Operation Cobra part 2 is in effect and Regina addresses all the untold stories and hopes to give them a happy ending and a safe place. A mysterious stranger drops off an envelope next to Henry, and we see The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dontes’ story play out a bit this episode with a few changes, including the Evil Queen showing up in his story. It is revealed that Regina hired the Count a long time ago to kill Snow and Charming, Emma continues to struggle with the truth of being the savior, and Regina promises to fix the mess she created with the Count. We get another flash back, this time with Snow and Charming, and they meet the Count. When Emma tries to take Snow and Charming out of Storybrooke, they learn that there is a spell on the town to keep them from leaving. Hook allows Belle to stay on the ship now that she is no longer with Rumple. Regina finally comes face to face with The Evil Queen, and it’s revealed why the Count is on a mission to kill Snow and Charming. While Edmond tries to do what, the evil queen wants him to do, Regina tries to be a hero and stop him, in the end having to do something she never wanted to do. What is so important about that coin and how it relates to David’s father? How is Regina going to stop the Evil Queen? What other untold stories are going to cause problems? Is Regina going to give in or can fight the darkness? Who is in the hood?

As the show continues, it truly feels that Regina’s story is just starting and Emma’s is ending. Regina is coming into her own now and working to make amends for all that she’s done, and it seems the creators are moving towards giving Regina a new story.


Episode 3: Regina goes to talk to Hyde, only to see that The Evil Queen has already come by to get information. We see the story of Cinderella, where she finds a key that supposedly takes people to the land of untold stories. Dopey has been released from the tree he’s in, and Emma must deal with her fate and that she can’t have what she wants. Rumble plays the fairy god father and gives Ella what she wants, but we see the prince talking to her Clarinda, all the while Ella found out that Clarinda is in Storybrooke. Clarinda is set to marry the footman, and Ella marries the prince, but the story of Cinderella isn’t the one we always knew. Emma finally starts to move forward with romance with Hook, and David learns the truth of his father’s life. Ella and Clarinda finally get their happy endings as well. The Evil Queen releases Hyde, wanting to ruin all the happy endings. What chaos will they create? Will Emma finally tell her family her secret?

I enjoyed the take on Cinderella and her tale, making the mother truly evil, but changing the face of Clarinda for the better. I’m interested to see what they’re building up to with Hyde and Regina, and what stories will continue to be happy.


Episode 4: With Hyde, free, Jekyll works to create the serum that would kill Hyde once and for all. But Gold takes it, wanting to keep Belle and his unborn son safe. Snow returns to teaching, and meets her teaching assistant, who works to help Snow become the best teacher possible. We learn of the woman Jekyll loved, and what happened to her when Hyde could come out to play. It’s revealed how the serum was created, and the truth about Jekyll and Hyde. In the end, we Hyde and Jekyll are both defeated and Belle is truly safe, but we learn how to defeat the Evil Queen: The original needs to die. With that story now to a close, we’re left with finishing the Evil Queen and revealing who is the hooded figure in Emma’s vision. In the end, we learn that Jasmine is in Storybrooke, and she’s looking for Aladdin.

I liked looking at the tale of Jekyll and Hyde, and delving a little deeper into the story than what most people know from the story. It was beautiful to see a side of Hyde that wasn’t the monster, and learning that the things we might feel are our weaknesses are our strengths. It was also a great twist on who the villain is, showing that evil takes on many forms.

Episode 5

Episode 5: This episode begins where we meet Aladdin and Jasmine in Agrabah, and understand how their paths crossed. Jasmine hires Aladdin to find the Diamond in the Rough. Emma runs into Jasmine and realizes she’s looking for Aladdin, and reveals that he was once the savior. It’s revealed who killed The Oracle, and does what she wants to find out about Emma’s visions. The Evil Queen helps Emma reveal the secret she’s been hiding to her family, and airs out the secret she’s been hiding. Jasmine and Henry talk about how they brought the saviors to their path and hope that Hyde was wrong about the death of the saviors. Jafar gives Aladdin a chance to change his fate, but Aladdin doesn’t take it and saves Jasmine and her father, living to the title of Savior. While Jasmine thinks Aladdin is dead, Emma finds him alive in the crypt, and we see how Jasmine and Aladdin part ways. Aladdin proves there is a way to change Emma’s fate, and he reunites with Jasmine.  Will Emma change her fate to stay alive? What does this mean now that Aladdin has returned?

This take on the tale of Aladdin and Jasmine was amazing to look at. There were a lot of similarities from the movie, but this had a few twists that made it its own tale. The costumes were beautiful and the Cave of Wonders was a lot more interesting than in the movie. Even the part of the Sultan playing with toys was perfect. The brief bit where we see Goldilocks and the bears was kind of cute, and nice little drop of that story into the overall tale.


Episode 6: This episode we see Hook go many leagues under the sea, where he meets Nemo, captain of the Nautilus. Nemo offers to help Hook find peace instead of dwelling in his hatred, but needs Hook’s help with an important mission. Henry also figures out that Hook didn’t get rid of the sheers, and Hook’s past comes back to haunt him when Captain Nemo and his people take Henry and Hook prisoner. Hook confesses to Henry what he did to his father, and Nemo tells Hook about the mysterious island and tries to convince him to come with his crew, and learns that Liam has become Nemo’s first mate. While Hook sends Henry off to return to Emma, Liam vows to kill Killian for killing his father, and blames Hook for another death that shouldn’t have happened. Hook vows to save Emma from her fate, and sends the sheers to the bottom of the sea in a chest. In the end, Liam forgives Killian and is reunited with Nemo, and Killian confesses what he did to Emma. The Evil Queen talks to Gold, and plans to get what she truly wants, and asks him for help getting it. She gives the sheers to Gold, and in return he helps her get Snow’s heart.


Episode 7: Snow and Charming are faced with an impossible task, either give the Evil queen their shared heart, or the whole town dies. Back in the Enchanted Forest, both Charming and Snow are headed to longboard, both wanting to seek good fortune. Snow and Charming find the sapling that could imprison the Evil Queen, but it gets destroyed and all seems lost. The Evil Queen throws in a twist, instead of taking Snow’s shared heart, she puts a sleeping curse on it, so while one is awake, the other is asleep, keeping Charming and Snow apart. Belle confronts Gold about the sheers, and tells him he’s weak for not allowing himself to give into his love, but being too afraid of love. What will come of Belle and Gold? Will Charming and Snow break the curse?

Episode 8

Episode 8: With the curse still on Snow and Charming, the two make do with it, making sure one is always with their son and leaving notes for one another. Emma and Regina try to trap the Evil queen in a mirror, but the tables get turned, leaving Emma and Regina trapped. They find the Dragon but he is unable to help lift the curse. Belle tries to escape Rumple, but he creates a bracelet that will allow him to find her wherever she goes. Zalina reveals that when she saved Rumple, she made it so he can’t kill her, and Rumple lets the Evil Queen know he wants Zalina killed.


Episode 9: Belle struggles to find a way to save her son while Rumple wants to speed up her pregnancy and change the fate of his son. Back when Belle was a servant for Rumple, Belle translates an incantation to bring forth the Black Fairy, a fairy that lost her way a long time ago and now steals children instead of saving them. Regina saves Zalina from being killed, but still can’t forgive her for what happened to Robin. Without a genie in the lamp, Aladdin becomes the genie to help Jasmine find Agrabah and save her people. Emma has another vision of her death, specifically about the weapon that’s used to kill her. The Evil Queen finds a way to speed up Belle’s pregnancy, and the truth of the Black Fairy and why Rumple wanted to bring her forth is revealed. Belle gives birth to her son, but has Blue take Gideon far away from Gold, who makes it clear he’s going to end The Evil Queen for what she did to Belle. Emma finds the sword that is supposed to kill her, and sets out to find who is supposed to kill her.


Episode 10: In trying to figure out the sword, Emma learns that it can be used to kill the Evil Queen without hurting Regina. When Emma goes to kill the queen, Aladdin is released from the lamp and when a wish to make Emma no longer the savior is granted, we see Emma living in the Enchanted Forest with Snow and Charming, living a life as royalty with her son Henry. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, everyone works to try and find Emma. Because Regina and the evil queen are the same person, Regina makes a wish to be in the same place as Emma, however, she is still seen as the evil queen but still manages to wake Emma from the wish world, but because Robin makes an appearance, Regina and Emma miss their portal home. It’s revealed that the black fairy has taken Gideon and now Belle and Gold need to figure out what happened. The hooded figure comes to Storybrooke and turns the evil queen into a snake while Jasmine uses a wish to find Agrabah. The person under the hood is revealed to be Gideon.


Episode 11: Emma and Regina work to find a way home, while we see a past of Emma and how she became Emma Swann. Gideon tells Bella and Gold about how he came to be an adult, and that when he kills the savior, he will take her power and kill the Black Fairy. He was raised by the Black Fairy and tried to be a good person through it all. Regina tries to figure out if Robin was better off without her, and Emma finds a version of hook that tries to save her. Pinocchio offers to build her a wardrobe that will take Emma and Regina home, and his chisel gets broken. Robin and Regina end up getting caught, and realizes that Robin steals from the rich, Marianne died before she could marry Robin and he’s alone, but he’s not happy and never had love. Rumple comes to help Regina and Robin, and reveals that his love Belle ended up dead at the hands of the evil queen. Finally, Emma and Regina find their way back with Robin, and Emma changes her fate, not letting Gideon kill her. Belle and Gold wonder what to do and how to help him together.


Episode 12: We go back and see the deal that split David and James apart, and David catches a vision of his father. Regina tries to help Robin adjust to the new world. Killian expresses an interest in wanting to marry Emma, but wants to get David’s approval first. We also get a look into David’s past, and he fights to learn the truth about what happened. Prince James runs away to Pleasure Island because he doesn’t want to be a knight, and David figures out how his father died and that he was a good man trying to fix his family. In the end Killian is the voice of reason and asks David for his blessing to ask Emma to marry him. Regina mentions the kiss she shared with Robin and that she felt nothing, then asks who he is and what he wants. In one last flashback, we see that Hook was the cause for David’s father to die, not King George and his men.


Episode 13: This episode shows Beowulf and how Rumple helped him win the Ogre’s war. Balefire tried to convince Rumple that magic was no longer needed, and Gideon breaks into the sheriff’s office to get the hilt of the blade from the vision. Regina works to make amends with the new Robin, and tries to help him adjust while he hides the secret of the box he stole from her. Robin tries to get Zalina’s help for both to escape, not wanting to change who they are. Gold tries to help Gideon forget his pain, but because he was raised by the black fairy, it doesn’t work and he takes Gold’s dagger. Rumple fights with his fear and wanting to use dark magic to defeat Grendel, but gives Balefire the dagger so there is some hope for good out of Rumple. Baewolf created the tale of Grendel so he can turn Rumple into the monster while Beowulf will be the hero he believed he should be. Zalina builds the potion to help them escape and Regina confronts them, telling them that the potion won’t work. Regina promises to break the protection spell to set this Robin free, and let him find his happiness. To keep his sons from darkening their hearts, we see Rumple/Gold do what he had to keep them safe. Evil Queen comes back and Robin learns just how weird Storybrooke is.


Episode 14: Emma shares the news of her engagement with Snow and Henry, Zalina and Regina tell Emma that the Evil Queen has been released, and we see a past of The Evil Queen we have yet to see. Hook tries to deal with his secret and Nemo says good bye since he and his crew are leaving. The Evil Queen makes plans to separate herself from Regina and then kill her. Emma finally finds out about the secret hook has been hiding from her and the engagement is broken off, leading Killian to ask Nemo if he can join him on his journey. Regina confronts the Evil Queen, and once they’re separated from one another, they both begin to fight. But in the end Regina gives some of her love and takes some of the darkness, because she loves herself and wants the Evil Queen to feel the same. With the change, Robin was sent back to his world, and the Evil Queen was sent to have a fresh start with him. Even though Killian planned to go back to Emma, Gideon made sure he wouldn’t be in Storybrooke.


Episode 15: Emma and David assume Killian left and Emma reveals the secret to David. Meanwhile on the Nautilus, they portal to another realm, but they can’t go back to Storybrooke, without kraken’s blood. In the Enchanted Forrest, Aladdin and Jasmine continue to find Agrabah, but knows she failed in some way. Back in Argrabah, Jasmine turns down Jafar and all the princes in marriage because she wants to marry for love. While Aladdin and Jasmine are trying to fight a Krakin, Hook ends up saving them, still set on going back to Storybrooke. In Agrabah, Jasmine meets Ariel and helps her find Prince Eric, and in return wants Eric’s Navy to defeat Jafar. When the Nautalis goes down, Jasmine makes a wish to have everyone arrive on land safe, and that’s where they find Ariel again. Jasmine finds a way to defeat Jafar and save Agrabah, bringing Killian and Ariel with them. Aladdin is free and Killian manages to get a message back to Emma, and Gideon asks Emma to kill the Black Fairy.

Drunk snow is the best! Seeing her as drunk as she was and making a wager with the barbarian/Viking men was magical.


Episode 16: It’s in this episode that we learn about what happened to Gideon and what made him so terrible. We see the Black Fairy and learn that she has a plan to be released from her curse, and all it takes is Emma’s death. Belle and Gold want to continue to believe that Gideon is good, however it’s getting harder to see as he continues to plan and try to kill Emma. In the end we see that is in under the Black Fairy’s control, and hook may never be able to return to Emma. He finds himself trapped in Neverland again, but this time with Blackbeard. Henry learns about the final chapter and what it means for everyone. What will the final chapter bring? what does the Black Fairy plan to do now that she’s in Storybrooke? Will Emma and Hook ever be reunited?


Episode 17: Emma learns that the last chapter of the book is the final battle, the toughest she’s ever had to fight, and Regina thinks she has a way to finally break the sleeping curse. We see a bit of the time during the dark curse where David remembers a time before the curse and gets snow to remember as well, proving that they can break any curse that’s thrown their way. Just when Regina thinks she’s found a way to break the curse, but in the end, it caused things to get worse, meaning by the end of the day, they both would be asleep. The flower that woke David from the coma he was in was a pixie flower and it grows when evil is around. David thinks it could break the sleeping curse, but of course, that means there is evil in town. The Black Fairy confronts her son, Rumple, with Gideon, and both he and Belle learn how dark their son is, even if he has no control over his actions. We see more of the past between Snow and Charming, and The Black Fairy confronts Emma and Gideon causes another problem by taking the flowers away. Tiger Lilly tries to help Hook get something to Emma to help her win the battle, and we learn a little more about her past. Snow reveals a secret she’s been hiding for so long, and one last flower survived. Hook’s shadow manages to give Emma his hook and the weapon, and Emma uses the pixie dust to get Hook out of Neverland and finally home where he belongs. In one final chance to wake snow and charming, everyone in town agrees to share a little bit of the sleeping curse, which wakes David and Snow up.  Will Emma and Hook manage to get married to get married before the final battle? What more will come their way before the ending of the season?


Episode 18: We catch a glance of Zalina when she’s young, and the kind boy that makes friends with her. The Black Fairy confronts Zalina and makes it clear she shouldn’t be around for what’s to come. Hook and Emma share some romantic moments together, enjoying their happiness, which is interrupted when Snow comes by to help plan the wedding. Zalina tells Regina and Emma what happened, and they plan to get the wand back. Belle learns about why her son is doing what he’s doing and Gold continues to find a way to wake Blue up from the coma she’s in. Zalina leaves her baby with Belle and goes to confront The Black Fairy, and Regina goes to stop her. We see a moment in the past with Zalina and Stanum, who asks her to break the curse of him being the Tin Man. While Snow tries to help Emma and Hook plan the wedding, there is tension between Snow and David, which leaves them all confused as to what is going on. While Zalina and Regina bicker, The Black Fairy finds them and leads Zalina on a chase and in the end Regina tells Zalina to go back to Oz, because of the mess that was created. David expresses that his biggest issues is they want to give Emma the wedding day she deserves, without worrying about the battle coming up. Zalina ends up giving up her powers to turn the crystals back to their true form. What is the real reason why The Black Fairy gave up Gold? Can they wake up Blue?


Episode 19: We see when Rumple is born, and when Tiger Lilly is a fairy. But it is revealed that the baby born was supposed to be the savior. When they think, they’ve gotten Blue awake, Gideon and The Black Fairy appear, while Belle and Gold do what they can to get Gideon’s heart back. Gold and Emma attempt to go into Gideon’s dream, but end up in Gold’s instead. We see when Gold is a baby and that he was supposed to be the Savior. Tiger Lilly was his fairy god mother, and Gold’s mother uses her blade to make herself a fairy, something that’s never been done before. Regina helps Zalina learn to drive so she has a way to escape if things get bad. The Black Fairy’s name is revealed as Fiona, and she wants the wand from Blue. During the dream, Gideon comes to Gold and says that his heart is well hidden, but the true power he holds over her is the truth as to why she gave Gold up in the first place. Fiona and Tiger Lily fight over the fate of Rumple, and we see Fiona turn dark when she makes the choice to almost kill Tiger Lily and she learns that the one that is to kill her own son, the great evil, is Fiona herself. With news of Rumple being the savior, he goes to face his mother. In one last final dream, Fiona severs his fate of being the savior, and she is banished for what she’s done. Gideon gets his heart back and is reunited with his family. Will the wedding go off without a hitch? With 3 episodes left, what is going to happen before the final battle?


Episode 20: In this special episode, we get to see all the characters sing and dance around, and it leads up to something truly magical. That is the day of Emma and Hook’s wedding, and Snow offers to let Emma wear her wedding dress, but back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow makes a wish to give Emma what she needs to help her win, and suddenly everyone is singing. Snow and Charming believe that singing will help them defeat the Evil Queen, but in the end, Blue tells them that all their songs are given to Emma, and hidden in her heart, so that way she is never truly alone. Fiona makes Emma a deal: Give up her heart or fight the final battle.  At the clock tower, they all see that Fiona has a plan with some black fairy dust; casting a curse on Storybrooke and separating everyone. Emma tells Henry that she always felt alone as a child, but Henry finds that she never was, and Emma uses the song her parents left in her heart to help save her family and Hook. We see Emma and Hook marry, and have a truly magical ceremony before Fiona’s curse covers Storybrooke and separates everyone. What does the 2-part finale have in store for us? Will Emma win this battle? What is Gold’s role in this and will Gideon have a part in this battle? Will Emma and Hook truly have their ever after?


Episode 21: In part 1 of the two-part finale, we find ourselves in the Enchanted Forest while there is something going on, and there is a child holding the stories that have become a huge part of the show. Back in Storybrooke, we see the curse and where it takes people. Henry ends up in an alternate version of Storybrooke, but Emma is in an Asylum and no one knows anything about magic or Fiona. In this world, Emma is trying to convince Henry that none of what he believes is real, and Fiona is the mayor of this world. She is also the adoptive mother of Henry. Snow, Charming and baby Neil find themselves in the Enchanted Forest with Regina and Hook. Fiona tells AU Emma to burn the book, having a plan, but claims it’s to get Henry to stop believing in those stories. AU Emma declines, saying she’s not ready, and Dr. Hopper is now in possession of the book. Using the mirror. Regina and the team can see that Emma is locked up with Fiona and Henry, and it’s revealed that the final battle is a fight for Emma’s soul and belief. Zalina shows up with the Hatter’s hat, offering to help. They go into the hat and they see that Oz doesn’t exist. If the Savior stops believing, all the realms will be destroyed as well as all the people in them. Fiona stops by to see Gold and Gideon; however, Belle isn’t around and it begs the question as to what happened to her in this world. Jasmine and Aladdin reveal that Agrabah has been hit, and the more Emma loses her belief in the stories, the more people are being transported out of their worlds. Regina transports them all out of the hat and to her castle, working hard to find a way to save Henry and Emma. Henry releases Emma, and brings her to the spot where she and Hook got married. He tries to convince her, and in a stroke of luck, Emma has a vision of the wedding, but because she doesn’t know what to think, she wants to leave and Henry agrees to help. Regina finds out the Evil Queen is in the Enchanted Forest with Robin, but with the Evil Queen with them, there is hope they can do what is needed to save Emma and Henry. When Henry goes to steal the book, Fiona confronts Henry and uses Henry to try and break the last of Emma’s belief and Gold asks Fiona to finally figure out why Belle left Gideon behind. There are images Fiona created of Belle traveling the world, showing them to Gold.  Hook and Charming climb up a beanstalk, determined to find a bean so they can help save Emma. At the top of the beanstalk Hook and David continue to search for the bean, which means climbing some large furniture, but it also gives them some father/son bonding time. The get the bean, but of course it’s not as easy as they thought. Instead of waking up a giant, they find that there is a dragon in the castle. Because of the accident, Fiona has Emma destroy the book, tossing the book in the fire. This was such a full episode with just so much going, and Fiona planned this all out perfectly. The season was building up to one huge powerful ending, and this is only part 1 of 2. What is going to happen next?

“Our story started on a beanstalk, and I’ll be damned if it ends there too” -Hook


Episode 22: Part 2 picks up right after Emma tosses the book in the fire, which causes all the realms to be destroyed. We go back to the little girl from part 1, and see that she’s still holding onto the story book. Tiger Lily comes to help the little girl, and Fiona shows Henry that the book is burned and Emma is getting ready to leave for Boston. Back on the beanstalk, Hook and Charming end up falling, and Snow finds Hook with the help of Jasmine. Snow stays to find Charming and Hook heads back to the castle to get back to Emma so she can help her believe again. Henry slips a story into Emma’s back and she finds herself back in Boston, taking back her job as a bail bonds person. With the lack of belief from Emma, the bean doesn’t have the magic to help, but with the help from the Evil Queen, there might be hope. Snow finds Charming and like many times before, a kiss is the answer to waking him up. Henry realizes that Gold was pretending to not know anything, and knows that Fiona was lying. Belle is somewhere to be used as leverage. Henry pleads with Gold for help, and does what he needs to save his family. He plans to go fight Fiona alone. The Evil Queen gives Regina time to get the bean working, even if it means she dies. Unfortunately, the magic isn’t enough to get the bean working and everyone is at risk of death. Emma returns, and while she doesn’t remember what happened, she believes in the stories and wants to be the savior, which stops everyone from being destroyed. Gold finds out where Belle is hiding, and she’s nothing like who she used to be. Fiona commands Gideon to help her find her wand, because that want can translate Henry’s writing and she hopes it will help her win the battle. Fiona says that once the battle is won, if she wins, she’ll give Gold all he wants, including bring back the dead. But Gold is done paying the price of magic, and he wants her to pay. Fiona commanded Gideon to kill the savior, because only light can destroy light. Gold manages to destroy The Black Fairy, lifting the curse she put everyone under and bringing everyone home. Emma remembers everything, just in time for Gideon to come to fight her. Gold goes to find Gideon’s heart to save him, and Emma is reunited with her family. Gold finds the heart, but of course, the darkness within him tries to talk him out of saving the light. Because Rumple was destined to be the savior, he’s prepared to do the right thing, but even though it’s Gideon’s heart, it is the Black Fairy. Emma gave the ultimate sacrifice, because she knew it was the right thing. But through it all, Henry saved Emma with true loves kiss. Gideon became the baby boy Belle tried to save and in the end, light still won. The book is restored and all he worlds are brought back, giving everyone their happy endings. Because Gold and Evil Queen did the right thing, light won in the end. We see everyone with their happy ever after, living their lives as normally as possible. Regina even gets the title of Queen in Storybrooke, and Robin proposes to Evil, giving her a happy ending. There is even a dance with Gold and Belle, and the iconic song Beauty and the beast plays for them. But of course, we see the young girl from the beginning of the finale show up with a different version of the stories, and this is where we meet older Henry. We see a little girl named Lucy and she says she’s Henry’s daughter, seemingly familiar from the very first episode of the show.

I see why this was a two-part finale. There was just so much happening all at once and there wasn’t enough room in one episode for all the final battle. The entire season led up to this, and through it all Emma remined strong. She knew that she needed to give hope and be the light. Seeing all the characters we’ve come to know and love over the last 6 years finally get the ending they all deserve is just a beautiful sight. They ended the show in a perfect way with everyone happy, in love and it couldn’t have been done better.


Considering how the season ended, the news of certain cast members leaving finally makes perfect sense. Jennifer Morrison (Emma), Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow), Josh Dallas (Charming), Jared Gilmore (Henry), Emilie de Ravin (Belle) are the cast members that are leaving, and because the show is getting a bit of a reboot, it makes sense. Henry is older now and he is going through his own adventure, which means there isn’t a need for Emma, Snow, Charming or even the young Henry. While I don’t think those actors are gone for good, there is no real need for them in the next season. I’m sure the creators will explain where they all have gone, and why we don’t see them anymore, but it might also have something to do with his family being in danger. It makes me wonder what’s going on and what role Henry will play. I hope they don’t rehash the same story but in the POV of Henry, but instead create new problems that only he can solve while also create a valid tale as to why those cast members (or rather their characters) are no longer in Storybrooke. None the less, this season was just full of so many stories, and there was closure that some shows just don’t give you. I got the feeling of this story being completely over, and Emma not being needed as the savior any more. Belle and Gold have their son and their love is strong, Emma survived and Regina gets a fresh start. Rumor has it the next season with revolve around Regina, Gold and Hook. Perfect ending for such a powerful story, and it gives hope that anyone can change and find their happy ending.

I can’t wait to see what other news comes from the creators and how they’ll pump us up for season 7. I’m interested to see what they do now that Emma’s story is done, and Henry’s is just beginning. Will we see these cast members again? What dangers will Henry face, and who is Lucy’s mother. What I want to know is what is Lucy’s story, and how is this all going to tie in with what we saw at the end of Season 6.


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