The Witches Mage (Witch’s Alpha Book 2)| Review


Her callous emotions are the influence behind her control of the weather-which all comes in handy as a resolution with the assistance of a very powerful Mage. Raine is a very sassy witch, and she’s not afraid to display it. Blonde hair, sapphire eyes, cute pair of tits and did I mention she can manipulate the weather? She’s adorable, great sense of humor, but she is scared to death. She’s in so much trouble and in mortal danger. To solve the conflict, she locates the professor and pleads for his help. This does not make him ecstatic however, he senses something about her that decidedly interests him. She must submit herself to him. She must become, his. He’s the only person who can save her and help her with this big freakin mess. Sebastian is a very dominant mage, and he fully intends to tame this brat. He’s solemn, intelligent, powerful but underneath it all, Raine can sense that he’s hiding a dark past within himself. He’s also protective, sweet and sometimes, he’s a little mischievous. As the days pass, he can’t deny this white-hot passion between them. He admires her spirit and her body that he longs to possess. However, if this whole Dom and Sub relationship agreement is going to work, they need to open their hearts, entirely. He’ll do anything to keep her. New Witches, new Demons. More domination, more kink. More sex. A prophesy that frights the hell out of any witch alive makes this story a journey full of action, comedy, supernatural romance and BDSM that is bound to make you grin (or nibble your lip. Have sexy time with your companion. Do the dab. Who knows.) Will Raine and Sebastian be able to stop the prophesy from coming true? Or are they already too late? Note: If you like your paranormal books hot and steamy, this is the book for you.

This is the second book in the series and we get to see how Raine tries to fix the problem. In this installment, we learn the truth about the spell the girls did, and why the demons were brought forth. More importantly, we learn that this is more than a spell gone wrong, but a prophecy that needs to be put to an end before the world ends in chaos and the demons they’ve worked so hard to contain finally rule. But in this, Raine starts to fall in love with Sebastian, the mage that finally opened the door for her and offered to help her fix this problem. I thought it was steamy and loved the twist that was thrown in about the spell. But I felt that the fight with the second major baddy went WAY to quickly and the book seemed to revolve more around the love/lust of Raine and Sebastian, while the demons felt more secondary to the story. Everything from the training to the battle just progressed far to quickly and I would have loved to have had more of those written. I wanted to feel the importance of this prophecy and feel the fear and dread Raine and Sebastian felt when they realized the truth. I wanted to feel Raine’s wrath through the battle. While the sex scenes were VERY well written, they did feel like they took over the overall plot line. None the less, I still enjoyed this book and cannot wait for book 3 to see what Laura is going to do, especially with the revelation of Laura’s importance in all of this. Laurell did a good job with this book, but I hope book 3 covers more of the story of the demons, the way to save the world and all that, where book 2 seemed to be lacking.

You can snag this book HERE and be sure to grab book 1 if you haven’t read the series yet!


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