Operation Child Solder (The Academy Book 1) |Review


How Do You Fight A Monster When The Monster Is Your Father?

I was trained from birth to be the best Agent possible. Growing up in a Military Training Academy for unwanted children has its perks. I might not have ever been to a dance but I am a sharp shooter, master at hand to hand combat and best hacker the Academy has ever seen. I trained my whole life to pass the final and become an Elite agent. The only problem? My entire life has been a lie. My father is a monster and I’ve been trained to kill monsters.

This was a great read. I didn’t know what to expect when going in, but I had a really hard time putting this book down and devoured it in a day. Starting the book, I was wanting to know what happened to Aria’s son and what mission she’d have to go on, but then we’re thrown back into learning about how Aria got to where we currently was. We learn about her growing up and how she became the best of the best. We got a full backstory and started to learn more about this Academy and what they do. When Aria learned the truth, she took her son and ran. I loved every part of this book and couldn’t find a flaw.

Initially I felt that the last few pages after Aria left would be better served as it’s own book, the final page explained why it was there and just makes me want to grab book 2 and know more. I need to know more. But this book really does question what could happen to children that are unwanted or just in crappy situations, and this seems like a very real possibility and we’d never know it. It certainly made me bristle a little bit, but it was just a beautifully written book.

ocs2OSC Teaser

Be sure to grab this book and be on the look out for the review of book 2: Rogue, coming up in the next few days!



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