Vikings Episode 11| Review



Vikings teased up with an ending earlier this year that left us wondering what was going to come next. For those of you that don’t remember, Ragnar led his people to Paris to raid and start a new settlement, however, the battle against Rollo and his army cost Ragnar many people as well as the settlement. Upon his return, he fled, leaving everyone to deal with the failure alone. It wasn’t until one of the English men came to Kettegat to talk to Ragnar that it was mentioned that the settlement had been destroyed and he had a son. He returned years later to see his sons all grown up and receives a not so warm welcome. Bjorn has taken over the roll Ragnar abandoned and it is clear that Ragnar’s return will bring forth destruction.

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Happy Holidays: The New Deadpool Trailer Is Upon Us


The 12 Days Of Deadpool have drawn to a close, and with them comes the new Red Band trailer promoting the antihero’s first film (which, at the time this was written, had already surpassed 1 million views on Youtube). The three minute clip, which you can view here, begins with our favorite mercenary chatting up a friendly cabbie, and descends into the depths of darkly humorous madness fans have come to expect from this corner of the Marvel universe. Stopping the action mid-fight sequence, Deadpool informs us that this is a “different kind of superhero movie” and flashes us back to before he received his powers (but not his wisecracking attitude), laying the premise for the story, plain-old revenge, out on the table.
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