The 100 Season 4|Review


This part of the 100 leads right up to Primfaya and how everyone is trying to deal with their survival. It is revealed before Allie is destroyed that the nuclear radiation is growing and is going to eventually kill everyone if they don’t find a safe place. Once Allie is destroyed, the grounders start to blame Skaikru (Sky people) for all of this, and tensions grow. Jasper is still struggling with the loss of Mia and feeling the pain of her death. Without a nightblood to take over as Commander, Ice Nation (Azgeda) has taken over Polis and is holding strong unless a commander can be found. Clarke saves Roan, in hopes that with him as King, and in her debt, he can hold off any wars to try and help all their people. Luna, the last surviving Nightblood, turns down the chance to be commander, because she can’t handle the death and destruction that comes with the title. But in going back to the island and finding Becca’s lab, they learn more about how the nightbloods were created and that the blood could save everyone from the radiation. Luna is tested on, before Clarke takes the serum and Abby breaks the only machine to test if the blood would work. Raven and Abby both must deal with the fact that their brains are being destroyed by what’s left of the Allie code, and unless they can find a way to get it out, they will die. Raven successfully gets the code out, but Abby isn’t so lucky. Instead of Clarke being able to become commander, a conclave is held. One member from each clan fights to decide what happens to the bunker in Polis that Jaha was able to find. Octavia manages to win, and announces that all the clans will be living together for 5 years, much to Jaha’s disapproval. Since Octavia won, Trikru followed her, and so did most of the grounders. With the choices made, everyone that is made to survive is in the bunker getting ready for Primfaya. Clarke, Bellamy, Murphy, Echo (Who was banished by Roan before his death), and a few others make it to the lab where Raven is at, but because they don’t have time to get back to the bunker, they make plans to go back into space, to the last ring of the Arc that is left.


With the season Finale being Primfaya, we see what finally happens when the clock runs out. Octavia takes on the role of leader, wearing the Commander’s clothing and giving orders to the 1200 people in the bunker. With Indra at her side, there is hope everyone will survive. But when the death wave finally hits Polis, Raven reveals all the ways that they could die with how fast the radiation is coming, but none the less they still work to refurbish the 2-person shuttle for 8 people and make sure they all can survive. The crew (Minus Clarke) make it to the ring and prepare to survive. The episode then skips 6 years and 7 days and we see that Clarke survived, but there has been no word from the Arc or the bunker in all that time. We don’t know if any of them survived, but what we do see at the end of the episode is a ship landing, carrying new prisoners within it. We now have a new set of sky people landing on Earth, but there is no other indication of who they are or where they’re from.

This season was full of so much action and a great cast. There was so much death and destruction going on in Season 3, that Season 4 was about trying to rebuild even with the death wave coming for them all. Everyone was trying to survive, and while tensions were high, Clarke still managed to try and do the right thing. Roan still did what he needed to do as a King, and Echo proved to be loyal to Azgeda through the end. But like anyone else, she was trying to survive and found a way to do that. Jasper finally got his peace that he was waiting for, and the members of Arkadia that didn’t want to keep fighting got that peace as well. Everyone was trying to do what was best for their people, and in the end, it was Octavia that became the champion, the leader they all needed. She hated being known as the girl that hid under the floor, and mourned Lincoln’s death for as long as she could, but in the end, she became the leader everyone knew she could become, and managed to save the clans.


The question now is, who are these new prisoners and where did they come from? How was it that Clarke survived when there were no positive tests done on nightblood? Did everyone in the Arc and the bunker survive and will we see them in Season 5? Where did Madi come from and how is she a nightblood now?

I cannot wait for Season 5 to come along so we can see what this 6-year leap will be all about and how the dynamic will change now that Skaikru would now be considered grounders, and there are some new people from the sky they should worry about. I’m also curious how the show has compared to the book and plan to spend the break between seasons reading the books and seeing what’s changed and what they kept the same. What I do know is, the 100 has done a great job to take these young adults and prove that they are all stronger than they ever thought they were. Survival has been the huge theme in this show and this season has been about everyone coming together to live. Hopefully we see the old cast come back and see how the 6-year leap has affected them.


Once Upon A Time|Season 6 Review


With the news of certain cast members not returning, it’s raised a lot of questions as to what is planned for OUAT Season 7. I think it’s important to look at the events of season 6 to look at why certain people left. Please be aware that there may be some spoilers for those that haven’t watched the show, but I will do my best to keep them to a minimum.

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Shadowhunters Season 2| Review


WARNING! This review may contain spoilers! If you have not watched the episode and DO NOT want spoilers, please do not read this!

So Season 1 ended with a pretty big thing. Clary learns who her father is, and that she has a brother. Anyone that has read the books already knows what to expect, but for those of us who haven’t (Or forgot certain things) These details were pretty big. So we’re left with our jaws on the floor wanting more. You probably went out to pick up the books, because you probably couldn’t wait, and I don’t blame you. And I’m sure there are many differences between the show and the book, but none the less, the show has gotten a lot of attention. But we’ve waited for Season 2 to start up, and Monday we got what we wanted.

With a short recap at the beginning, we then dive into a little WTF part of the episode wondering what happened to get us to that point. Of course, it’s Valentine trying to see how loyal Jace is, not that anyone can blame him on that. But Jace clearly still struggles with the news of who his father is and trying to find out who he is. Back at the Clave, everyone is trying to find Jace, and OF COURSE, it’s under new management. Again. So, everyone gets put on lock down and interviewed to see what happened to Jace. Of course, Clary tells the truth and the hunt begins for Jace, dead or alive.

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Vikings Episode 11| Review



Vikings teased up with an ending earlier this year that left us wondering what was going to come next. For those of you that don’t remember, Ragnar led his people to Paris to raid and start a new settlement, however, the battle against Rollo and his army cost Ragnar many people as well as the settlement. Upon his return, he fled, leaving everyone to deal with the failure alone. It wasn’t until one of the English men came to Kettegat to talk to Ragnar that it was mentioned that the settlement had been destroyed and he had a son. He returned years later to see his sons all grown up and receives a not so warm welcome. Bjorn has taken over the roll Ragnar abandoned and it is clear that Ragnar’s return will bring forth destruction.

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Fox’s Rocky Horror| Review


So let’s talk about what Fox did to this cult classic for a moment. I’d like to remind everyone that this is MY opinion and does not reflect those of TNE, but none the less, here we go.

Fox released the new Rocky Horror movie last night, and the comments have flooded in. While there are those that loved it, others thought it was terrible. We gave it a watch and here is what we thought. To expect it to be like the original is just stupid. There is no way anything could come close to the original Rocky Horror Picture Show, but Fox didn’t do a terrible job. Take the original, merge it with the shadow casts and throw in some high school musical or glee and that’s what Fox gives us.

Some of the costuming wasn’t the best (Like the ending scene… what was Riff and Magenta wearing…) and the actors did a good job with what they were given. But if you’re not into Glee or High School Musical, then you probably won’t like this version. It was great seeing Tim Curry in this movie and doing what he can. Laverne Cox did a good job filling the roll of Frank, and Adam Lavine as Eddie was a riot. Rocky was a sight, as always, but some of the acting was just over the top and felt like they forced the cheesy factor.

Some of the lyrics in the songs, even some of the lines were changed to suit what was changed for this version, and for anyone that watched the Tim Curry version, it took a little something away. By itself, it wasn’t terrible, and Fox didn’t totally butcher it, but when you look at the original version, it just doesn’t compare.

Honestly I didn’t enjoy it very much. I thought it was OK, but not something I’d watch again. The music didn’t really make me want to dance and while the costumes were fun, it just didn’t do it for me. But I never enjoyed High School Musical to begin with. However, if that’s your thing, then you may enjoy this version of Rocky.

If you haven’t seen the original, I do recommend you check it out. It’s a cult classic that everyone should have the chance to watch.

Let us know what you thought of Fox’s Rocky Live and what you think compared to the original. We’d love to hear from all of you!

The BBT Season 10| Review


So far in this season Leonard and Penny had gotten remarried so their friends and family can be there, and the group has taken their invention and signed a deal with the government. So the last episode of season 9 ends with Leonard’s Dad, Alfred and Mary Cooper leave together and their phones are turned off, leaving everyone to wonder what happened.

Season 10 answers that question in the first episode when everyone meets up at the apartment before the wedding. First, we meet Penny’s mother and brother (Played by Katey Sagal and Jack McBray). Susan and Randall show up with Wyatt, and Susan is worried that they won’t be good enough for Leonard’s family. Jokes fly and soon Beverly, Alfred and Mary are trapped in a room together. Sheldon asks what happened and he is assured that they had a night cap, talked and then went to separate rooms. Alfred does say he plans to go visit Mary, and she plans to visit him, so there seems to be something happening there. Soon the wedding is going on and tension is high, but Beverly does say something nice about her son.

Episode 2 leads off with the military contacting Howard about their project and they want to talk to him about making it for the military. When the meeting happens, Sheldon is told to keep his mouth shut while Leonard and Howard ask questions and try to figure out what is wanted. When the Colonel says he wants them to build it MUCH smaller, they start to question if that was a good idea. Sheldon can no longer keep his mouth shut and not only insults the Colonel, but sets them up for an impossible deadline. The boys end up angry and stressed, but find it pretty cool that they’re in a classified building. Penny admits that she let slip about Bernadette being pregnant which starts a whole problem to be resolved.


Episode 3 shows them working hard, and Sheldon fighting with the need to sleep, but can’t deny that 2 months isn’t a long time to get the project done. With sleep a problem, Sheldon falls asleep and meets his idol, The Flash. Flash convinces Sheldon to drink an energy drink, which then starts Sheldon on the need to cope with his withdrawals from the caffeine. With high tensions, they finally agree to tell the Colonel that they cannot get the project done in time and it needs to be 2 years. With the new plan in place, the boys can relax and work on the project properly. While the boys are hard at work, Bernadette fights with the fact that she’s not excited for the baby at all and worries that something is wrong with her. After talking to Dr. Koothrapali, she feels better knowing that she may not be a baby person, but she’ll love her baby. Amy and Penny go to see Bert and Penny learns that Sheldon and Amy are popular on the campus while Leonard is known for suckering a hot girl into marrying him.

Much like the previous seasons, the pace is pretty steady and there is enough humor to go around. We’re watching the boys goes through something major while the ladies are trying to help Bernadette prepare for the baby. There is a lot of change going around leaving to wonder what is in store for Amy, Sheldon and Raj. While everyone else is starting families and enjoying the married life, those 3 are the ones that have pretty much been the same through the seasons. Will Amy and Sheldon finally move in and get married? Will Raj settle down with a woman at last? What will happen with this military project? Will Bernadette get excited for this baby? This is the last season so I hope they end this with a big bang!

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Lucifer Season 2 Ep1-2| Review


Season 1 ends with Lucifer’s mother escaping Hell and a whole new change in challenges arising. Episode 1 starts with Lucifer trying to figure out where his mother ran off to and what her plan is. He is pretty sure that she has plans to torture Lucifer, and we learn why she was chained up in Hell to begin with. But as the case moves on, Lucifer learns that he was wrong about what he mother had planned and does what he can to help Chloe solve the case. At the very end we meet his mother and that’s where everything ends. So we’re left wondering how his mother escaped and what she wants.

Episode 2 picks up from there and Lucifer is left to figure out what happened to his mother and her mortal body. First, he thinks that she committed some crime that he has to clean up, but after getting her changed (Into a dress that belongs to Maze) they go back where she woke up and tries to put the pieces together. He then leaves mother with Maze (Who was packing to move out) so he can solve the case that involves said body. Mother knocks out Maze when she learns that Lucifer made a deal with his father to bring her back to hell and goes off with the company card and a set of Maze’s clothing to buy things. Lucifer then must find his mother before the killer goes back to finish what he started and is left to find his mother’s soul again. In the end they get the killer and he hears his mother’s side as to why she sat by and let father send him to hell. On top of that, we learn about what’s going on with Amenadiel and his wings. While things are still unclear, we do that know that his wings are dying/fading and he has to figure out what is going on.


So far Season 2 is off to an interesting start. With all that Amenadiel did with Maze, it brings forth the question if what those two did is why he is losing his wings. Is he a fallen? Will he become mortal? How quickly will he lose everything? And is what Mother said true? Was Lucifer in danger and that’s why he was sent to hell? Will Maze stick around now that mother is out in the world and what chaos will ensue in the rest of the season? Episode 3 is going to be a good one and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has to offer.

Let us know what you think of Lucifer so far and be sure to watch Lucifer Monday nights on FOX! And if you like the show, be sure to pick up the comics LUCIFER from Vertigo!