The 100 Season 4|Review


This part of the 100 leads right up to Primfaya and how everyone is trying to deal with their survival. It is revealed before Allie is destroyed that the nuclear radiation is growing and is going to eventually kill everyone if they don’t find a safe place. Once Allie is destroyed, the grounders start to blame Skaikru (Sky people) for all of this, and tensions grow. Jasper is still struggling with the loss of Mia and feeling the pain of her death. Without a nightblood to take over as Commander, Ice Nation (Azgeda) has taken over Polis and is holding strong unless a commander can be found. Clarke saves Roan, in hopes that with him as King, and in her debt, he can hold off any wars to try and help all their people. Luna, the last surviving Nightblood, turns down the chance to be commander, because she can’t handle the death and destruction that comes with the title. But in going back to the island and finding Becca’s lab, they learn more about how the nightbloods were created and that the blood could save everyone from the radiation. Luna is tested on, before Clarke takes the serum and Abby breaks the only machine to test if the blood would work. Raven and Abby both must deal with the fact that their brains are being destroyed by what’s left of the Allie code, and unless they can find a way to get it out, they will die. Raven successfully gets the code out, but Abby isn’t so lucky. Instead of Clarke being able to become commander, a conclave is held. One member from each clan fights to decide what happens to the bunker in Polis that Jaha was able to find. Octavia manages to win, and announces that all the clans will be living together for 5 years, much to Jaha’s disapproval. Since Octavia won, Trikru followed her, and so did most of the grounders. With the choices made, everyone that is made to survive is in the bunker getting ready for Primfaya. Clarke, Bellamy, Murphy, Echo (Who was banished by Roan before his death), and a few others make it to the lab where Raven is at, but because they don’t have time to get back to the bunker, they make plans to go back into space, to the last ring of the Arc that is left.


With the season Finale being Primfaya, we see what finally happens when the clock runs out. Octavia takes on the role of leader, wearing the Commander’s clothing and giving orders to the 1200 people in the bunker. With Indra at her side, there is hope everyone will survive. But when the death wave finally hits Polis, Raven reveals all the ways that they could die with how fast the radiation is coming, but none the less they still work to refurbish the 2-person shuttle for 8 people and make sure they all can survive. The crew (Minus Clarke) make it to the ring and prepare to survive. The episode then skips 6 years and 7 days and we see that Clarke survived, but there has been no word from the Arc or the bunker in all that time. We don’t know if any of them survived, but what we do see at the end of the episode is a ship landing, carrying new prisoners within it. We now have a new set of sky people landing on Earth, but there is no other indication of who they are or where they’re from.

This season was full of so much action and a great cast. There was so much death and destruction going on in Season 3, that Season 4 was about trying to rebuild even with the death wave coming for them all. Everyone was trying to survive, and while tensions were high, Clarke still managed to try and do the right thing. Roan still did what he needed to do as a King, and Echo proved to be loyal to Azgeda through the end. But like anyone else, she was trying to survive and found a way to do that. Jasper finally got his peace that he was waiting for, and the members of Arkadia that didn’t want to keep fighting got that peace as well. Everyone was trying to do what was best for their people, and in the end, it was Octavia that became the champion, the leader they all needed. She hated being known as the girl that hid under the floor, and mourned Lincoln’s death for as long as she could, but in the end, she became the leader everyone knew she could become, and managed to save the clans.


The question now is, who are these new prisoners and where did they come from? How was it that Clarke survived when there were no positive tests done on nightblood? Did everyone in the Arc and the bunker survive and will we see them in Season 5? Where did Madi come from and how is she a nightblood now?

I cannot wait for Season 5 to come along so we can see what this 6-year leap will be all about and how the dynamic will change now that Skaikru would now be considered grounders, and there are some new people from the sky they should worry about. I’m also curious how the show has compared to the book and plan to spend the break between seasons reading the books and seeing what’s changed and what they kept the same. What I do know is, the 100 has done a great job to take these young adults and prove that they are all stronger than they ever thought they were. Survival has been the huge theme in this show and this season has been about everyone coming together to live. Hopefully we see the old cast come back and see how the 6-year leap has affected them.