Budget Crafts| Review


Budget crafts is designed for those on a tight budget. This book contains some of my favorite crafts that I have made for my own home and as gifts to give to family and friends. It contains fun projects for adults and children. All of these crafts cost very little to make and I hope that this book will provide some bonding time with your friends and family, as it has with mine. Enjoy.

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One Bite| Review

51-rutzpdolKaylen is a woman who is seeking the truth and finds more than she bargained for. Join Kaylen, a homicide detective and her partner, Sebastian, a man who would do anything to protect her, as they weave their way through a deep and dark maze to uncover a mysterious murder that hit way to close to home for Kaylen.
“One Bite” is a seductive and dirty read, exposing not only Kaylen and Sebastian’s wild passions but will send you on a journey from the harsh streets of New York city to the dangerous hillsides of Romania. This story is filled with lust and devilish vampires, who have no compassion for humanity. It is extremely graphic in nature and intended for a mature audience. This is book one in the “vampire fetish series”, sure to tantalize and leave you wanting more.

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The Long Road to Hell| Review


The worst of all four-letter words.
Nothing trumps it, but loyalty.
Just as treacherous. Just as devastating.
Both have ruled over me for as long as I can remember. 
I stared down at my hands and spotted the slight tremor. 
He always does this to me. Always.
My name is Dorin. I’m a vampire. I’m a slayer of the king of all vampires.
Dracula or as I knew him, Vlad the Impaler.
But before I killed him, I loved him.
More than anything. More than salvation.
For that, I traded my soul…

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The Naughty Box| Review

The Naughty Box Front.jpg

Hot Ink Press has released another anthology, and much like the others, this one is HOT. There are many stories in this collection, too many for me to review them all properly, so here are 3 to suck you in and make you want more:

Valentine Vixen By Rue Volley: This short story is steamy and full of flavor. It tells a story of a woman who seduces 3 men and participates in some erotic fun. I won’t ruin the story for anyone, but I enjoyed what Rue did with this story, creating a hot story that is sure to get the body humming with each page. And like all of Rue’s stories, there is a fun little twist at the end that you’re sure to enjoy. A great read to suck you into this anthology, as well as Rue’s writing.

Surrender By Rue Volley: Fay has a secret. A dirty one. Keegan is a professor. A hot one. Just Surrender. It’s hot, dark and something I’ll read over again. I love how her two stories are different, but both are amazingly erotic in every way. The story is one the grows and has a true Rue twist at the end, and with her short stories, give you the closure needed to feel satisfied in EVERY way.

Dirty Wings By Felicia Fox: Celine is a heavenly watcher, an angel in charge of making sure demons stay on the right side of true evil. Levi, a half demon, has been causing her intentions to teeter the brink of taking him to hell and letting him take her in a way that makes her wings flutter uncontrollably. When she leaves the safety of her home to prove she can handle this half-breed, Celine winds up receiving much more than she bargained for. Will she be able to return to her Heavenly home, or is it already too late?I enjoyed reading this and found it frustrating when I had to put it down. I loved her style of writing and how she set this tantalizing tale to capture us and make us want more.  I feel it captures the desire we all face and the choices we go through when it comes to the forbidden. I don’t know if that was the intent of the author, but none the less, this is a great read.

I loved all the stories in this anthology and look forward to reading more from Hot Ink press as well as the authors in this collection.

Be sure to pick this up and give these and the other stories a read. Let us, and the authors know what you think! You can buy the anthology Here

The Devil’s Kiss| Review


*This is the THIRD and FINAL book in the TRILOGY*

Jack Landon’s bittersweet caress still lingers on Abigail’s lips.
He haunts her dreams and blinds her to reality.
She now finds herself at a crossroads.
One road could lead to safety.
The other to uncertainty and heartbreak.
Life could be easy, as easy as breathing.
But we all know that love should leave you breathless.

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The Devil’s Fire |Review


Seeking refuge, Abigail Watson returns home to mend a broken heart, abandoning the city that she has grown to love and the job she worked hard for years to attain.
Life allows for distraction, but it can’t bury the past.
Jack Landon has left an indelible mark on her.
A painful scar, a stolen kiss, a memory of what once was, or could be.
Jack is all of these things, and more. The haunting memories begin to consume her with an unbridled passion.
His domination is absolute. Her submission begs for release.
Their lustful needs could destroy everything around them, turning flame to ash. Friend to enemy, love to hate.
Where there’s smoke…you will find the Devil’s Fire.


This was such a well written book. Like many of Rue’s others, it was hard to put down and I couldn’t help but want to know more of what was going on. The roller coaster that Rue put us on with book two is one that ended with a cliff hanger and wanting so much more in book 3. She made us love Jack and Abi, made us hunger for their love and their dark desires, only to rip it apart. In book 2, she started to put it all together and brought forth the problems that Abi would face, and told us dark secrets her parents hid from her. In the end, she rip everything apart again. There is so much left open and so much desire that needs to be filled. Knowing what she knows now, how will things work with Abi and everyone in her life? Who survives when it comes to the Landon’s and the darkness that hides within the family? How much more pain will Abi have to endure for the sake of love?

I enjoyed this book so much and the love that Rue put into this. You can tell how much she enjoyed writing this just by how it’s written, and that she still loves playing with her readers. I can’t wait to see what is left in book 3.



Pick up this, and all of other Rue’s novels on Amazon.


The Devil’s Gate| Review


You don’t know Jack…yet.

Curiosity can be a dangerous thing. In Abigail Watson’s case, it nearly ended her life.

After a brush with death, Abigail is reminded of just how short life can be…then she meets Jack Landon, the mysterious heir to the Landon fortune and her savior from a certain death. Jack’s tastes are very defined, and his ability to seduce with ease draws Abigail into his dark world. One taste of him on her lips and she is consumed with a desire, a willingness to submit and let him take the gift that she has protected for so long.

This series is 18+ only.

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